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What is the difference between Basic and Advanced Insurance?

In both cases, the insurance included in the Citengo rental rate includes:
  • A compulsory civil liability insurance that completely covers against damages to third parties up to 50 million Euros
  • Medical assistance for the driver and passenger up to € 6,000.
In none of the cases is insurance theft, total or partial loss, damages (or any other prejudice) suffered in own vehicle. Therefore, a maximum limitation of the user’s responsibility is established in:
  • € 1500 in the case of Basic Insurance.
  • The maximum liability is reduced to € 400 in the case of Expanded/Advanced Insurance.
Expanded Insurance includes an exemption from the payment of the first € 50 of damages suffered by the vehicle (robbery or loss is not included in this exemption)

What does the flat tyre insurance include?

In case of suffering a flat tyre in the rented motorcycle, CitenGo will charge an amount to the customer for damages to the vehicle, around € 35 (see full list of damage charges HERE). If at the moment you rent a CitenGo electric motorbike you hire a rate that includes the flat tyre insurance, the expenses associated with a possible puncture will be covered.

Does the CitenGo service have roadside assistance?

Yes, the CitenGo service has roadside assistance service through the number 960960975.

It is important to know that this roadside assistance will be limited by the radius of use allowed by the contracted fare. Being able to charge the cost associated with it in case the user exceeds the limits set by their rate.

Can you take a passenger?

Our bikes are approved with two seats. In this way you can take a passenger. It is important that the passenger complies with the relevant laws regarding protective material, minimum age … We recommend that users who are not experienced with motorcycles do not carry a passenger.

In case the passenger wishes to drive the vehicle, this must be notified to the store staff to include it in the contract. This may involve an extra cost.

Do I have to pay for the helmet? And for the top case?

All our bikes are equipped as standard with a top case and a helmet in all our rates.

Is there a limitation on the use of our motorcycles?

Our motorcycles have no limitation of use in terms of the number of kilometers traveled. On the other hand, areas of use based on a radius of action have been delimited from the center of the city. These areas of use will be set by the contracted rate and not respecting them may be sanctioned. In addition, the roadside assistance service will not be valid outside the permitted area of use.

  • Limitation CITYIt is forbidden to leave the area of the city, defined with a radius of 6 km from the town hall, unless another value is explicitly indicated in the contracted rate.
  • Limitation NO LIMITSThere are no limits on the use of the vehicle, although for safety a maximum radius of use of 100 km is established from the town hall.

Can I return the motorcycle to a different office?

No, our motorcycles must be returned in the same office where they were rented.

Why are CitenGo motorcycles electric?

CitenGo bet on the future. The company has been designed in the 21st century with 21st century technology. For this reason, the process of booking, delivery and collection of the vehicle has been modernized to the maximum as the fleet of vehicles has been carefully selected to offer a first class service. All this, together with the benefits that the use of electric vehicles implies for the environment. It has supposed that Citengo has a fleet completely made up of 100% electric vehicles.

Where can I recharge the motorcycle?

The Customer has the right to recharge the vehicle in recharging points outside the company, always that they are suitable for the vehicle. The recharges made in the offices of CitenGo can suppose a cost for the client based on the contracted rate see RATES.

What range do CitenGo electric scooters have?

The CitenGo electric motorcycles have a real range of 100km (215-185 Km homologated EURO IV). It is very easy to know the autonomy in each moment of your electric scooter since the battery is indicated in the instrument panel of the vehicle between 0 and 100%.

What do you need to rent an electric motorcycle?

  • Have a minimum age of 21 years.
  • Driving license: The renter must have a valid driving license in Spain. Type A motorcycle license or three years of license for a car (Type B).
  • Pay a deposit of € 100.

In this way it is important that you do not forget your driving license and ID card the day you come to the store. And remember that you must pay along with your reservation the amount assigned to the deposit.

Can I cancel a reservation?

CitenGo accepts the cancellation of reservations in the following cases:

  • If the cancellation is made with a notice of more than 24 hours, 100% of the amount paid in the reservation to be canceled is reimbursed.
  • Cancellations are not allowed for prewarnings shorter than 24 hours.
  • If the cancellation of the reservation occurs without notice, CitenGo will not make any refund.
  • CitenGo is not responsible for weather conditions.

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