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Citengo Electric Motorcycles at North Railway Station

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citenGo motorcycles in Valencia

Discover all secrets to Valencia City with Citengo. Rent an electric motorbike and move through the capital of Turia with total freedom. We have the best prices for rent of our electric bikes. Our vehicles are High Quality Scooter with, which you can do up to 100kms in the same day. Whether for tourism or business, the electric motorcycles of Citengo are the perfect solution to move around the city. Visit the Cathedral, the City of Arts and Sciences, the Markets, the Beach, the lagoon of the Albufera, take a Paella or Horchata with Fartons. Ideal for tourism as a couple.

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Electric motorcycle fleet at Valencia

Our fleet in Valencia

citenGo has electric motorcycles with a range of 100km. All of them are homologated for two seats and can be driven with the car license.

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citenGo Office at Valencia

Innovative company

CitenGo always seeks the best customer experience with impeccable service. For this it incorporates digital "paperless" solutions into its full flow of service and electric scooters that help protect the environment.

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Electric motorcycles citenGo

Best manufacturers

CitenGo only uses the best suppliers. The manufacturer of our motorcycles is Spanish. All our motorcycles equip Michelin tires. NZI Spanish manufacturer of proven quality.

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"citenGo has created a service in Valencia that was very necessary. My clients are delighted with their motorcycles."
Vicent Ros
Hotel Business Owner
"The citenGo motorcycles are ideal for the urban movements of our companies in the Hub."
Jose Manuel
Breakers Hub
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